How to Create Bullet Journal Future Log (2023)

Future log in the bullet journal is where you keep all the important dates that you don’t want to miss out on. Not sure how to do it? You come to the right place!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you forget your mom’s birthday or an important appointment?

Then, you blame yourself for being such a scatterbrain.

Well, I have.

Lots of time.

This mainly happens because of 2 main reasons

Number one, well.. I forget

Number two, I didn’t plan my week and month and end up missing out on important dates because I’m busy with other things

Not actually busy, but rather not organize & prioritize my life well

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The Bullet Journal Method


if you are just starting and want to know more about the bullet journal, you might want to read this post to help you begin the process.

The bullet journal method can be approached in 6 steps

  1. Bullet journal key
  2. Bullet journal index
  3. Bullet journal future log (We are here!)
  4. Bullet journal monthly spreads
  5. Bullet journal weekly/daily spreads
  6. Bullet journal collections

The future log is the third step of the  bullet journal system

What is a bullet journal future log?

The future log is where you keep all the important dates and events that you don’t want to miss out

The birthday dinner date? It’s the future log

Dentist appointment? the future log

The food carnival you don’t want to miss? it’s the future log

You get me.

The future log will help with the planning as well as provide a bird’s eye view of what is going to happen in the near future.

This will be the place where you add all of your commitment in one place.

That way, you will be able to keep track of all the important dates via the future log

What to put in the future log?

Basically anything, any dates that you don’t want to be missed.

These includes:

  • Birthday/ anniversary
  • appointments ( doctor or vet)
  • Holidays/ Vacation /Trips
  • Family events
  • Bills (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

How to set up the bullet journal future log?

The future log is set up at the beginning of each bullet journal.

If you owned the Bullet Journal notebook, they already have the designated page for the bullet journal at the beginning of the notebook.

If not, it doesn’t matter, just use the first few pages as the future log following the bullet journal index and key pages

There is various way to set up the bullet journal future log. I have shared a few ideas you can try at the end.

If you are new, here are some bullet journal notebooks you can use to begin your journey

  • Value for Money: PAPERAGE Dotted Journal Notebook (160 Pages,100 GSM Thick Paper)
  • Crowd favourite: LEUCHTTURM1917 (203 Numbered Pages with 120gsm)

Future log vs monthly spread

One thing I notice is that the future logs where the important dates are stored will be pretty redundant with the monthly spreads where the important events of the month are kept.

Should I just use one of them?

After reading a few experience bujo-er, they recommended using both despite the overlap in information

The reason is mainly that usually, we don’t make the spread ahead of time

Say, right now we are in the month of April, and the important event is in July, we can just keep the date in the future log so it’s not to be missed

Once you have created the monthly spread for July, you can transfer the date to that spread.

Since I’m still at the beginning of the bullet journal journey, I will keep both and see how it goes

Update: I have kept most of the fixed appointments in the future log which is separated by month. I find it a hassle to write the same thing twice

Bullet journal future log ideas for 2023

1. The original bullet journal

Ryder’s future log is very straightforward and super quick to create.

Just use 2 pages of the journal and divided them into 3 horizontal lines. This will create 6 sections that will represent the 6 months

Simple and practical.


The photo was taken from How to Bullet Journal  Youtube. 

Learn the actual Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Caroll, himself!

2. The 3-month setup or Quarter Setup

Similar to Ryder’s method, but instead of 6 months, just use 1 page and divide it into 3 sections that represent 3 months

This is great if you don’t have anything much-planned long-term

Photo by @lindseyscribbles via Instagram

3. The 12-month future log

Each page will represent 6 months. 

Use the entire 2 pages to set for 12 months’ future log

This will give you the whole year’s commitment in one spread

Photo by @feather.eaux via Instagram

4. The vertical log with a mini calendar

I love how the mini calendar helps to roughly estimate the free date available

but you have to spend some time, in the beginning, to write all the mini calendars in your spread.

Don’t worry, you just have to do it once a year

Photo by @supermassiveblackink via Instagram

5. Vertical future log With Birthday Reminder

Simple & practical

I like the idea of highlighting the birthday date in the future log. It’s easier to see and of course not make us forget about it

Photo by @andreea.writes via Instagram

6. Vertical months with dates

My favourite so far. I love how easily I can view the event

The only issue is, that I might end up not having  much space if 2 plans fall on the same day

Photo by @lines.and.lettering via Instagram

7. colour-coded the event

Is it a family, self, or work-related event?

Using a highlighter, separate this category using different colours to rapidly view the events in the future log

Photo by @craftyenginerd via Instagram

8. The Alastair Method

This is quite a genius method of creating the future log.

The left column is the month, and the right column is the event (doesn’t matter if added non-chronologically)

Go visit his site where he elaborated in detail on the method for project completion and the to-do list using the same method

Photo by Log that life (@logthatlife) via Instagram

9. Calendex

Register the event by jotting down the page number in the setup calendar page set as a future log.

When the day arrives, flip to the page and write down the detail of the event.

Quite sleek, eh?

Photo by @decadethirty via Instagram

Photo by @minimalisticplanning via Instagram

10. The list method

Write down the month and the important event of that month.

Simple but works for those who don’t have time.

Photo by @janelle.nutritionist via Instagram

Which future Log Idea works Best for me?

It depends greatly on your preference and how much time you have

The original future log is very minimal and didn’t take much time. So maybe we can start from there

The idea is you can record or log in the important date without any difficulty and be able to review it later.

I found the vertical design suit my preferences, but I’m not sure whether I have the patience to write down the mini calendar although it will be extremely helpful

keep experimenting, friends

I’m thinking to keep the different designs for my future log every 3 months so I can experiment and see which design works best for me.

the criteria I’m looking for are hassle-free and take little time to create

Bullet Journal Future Log Hacks

Problem #1

The thing I am worried about is the time I need to spend writing the mini calendar. I don’t mind if I have time.

But if I don’t, I can foresee I completely abandon the idea of doing the future log

Hacks/ Solution

Problem #2

Schedule multiple events on the same day

I have the tendency to schedule multiple dates on the same weekend without knowing another event scheduled on the same day

Hacks/ Solution

  • Highlight the days filled with events with a highlighter indicating the day is filled and shouldn’t use for other appointments

Problem #3

Have a sense of overwhelms when seeing the future log filled with events


Separate the birthday date to separate birthday log to prevent overcrowding of the future log

some people might not like the idea of having too many separate logs

but for those who have a higher tendency to feel anxious, separating the birthday log will come in handy

Minimalist & Practical Bullet Journal Future Log Idea

Photo by via Instagram

Photo by @papeles.y.tintas via Instagram

Photo by @kiki_wishlist via Instagram

The future log is where the planning goes

After listing down some ideas to be used in the bullet journal, I found some glimmering hope that the future is actually not as scary if we are able to anticipate it.

Share with us your version of future login in the comment section

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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