What Writing Online For Almost A Year Had Thought Me

If you are a beginner and want to start your writing online journey, check out this post!


I have been writing online for almost a year now. 

Well 7 months to be exact

And no, I haven’t made any significant changes (yet) in my life

This is not one of those articles sharing stats and how much money they made after a year of writing. 

I’m not making any decent money up until this point.

I hope it is that easy

But hey, if it’s easy, everybody will be able to do it, right?

So, what did I learn from writing for one year?

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If you are just about to begin, start on a writing platform other than a blog

Owning a blog has its own merit

It is basically yours.

The downside that not many blog owner wants to tell you is that there are tons of work that you need to do to make it work

And at the beginning, the most important thing to focus on is the writing

I have learned it the hard way 

As I’m working 9-5, I have roughly 1-2 hours to work on my blog which I have to divide my attention between writing, sorting out the technical part of the blog and the extra work creating the Pinterest pin, sorting out the image and the works continue

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy every single thing

But I feel if I focus on my writing at the beginning I might be able to improve my skill better

Jack of all trades master of none as they said it

I’m the jack


Focus on the writing (as many experts had advised) and learn along the way

As my focus and attention are limited, prioritized the things that matter

People dont care about you

Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Human is selfish, including you and me. What they care is about themselves.

So if our content doesn’t really help them in any way, they will not care about it

So write content that will help people back up with good sources of info.

If your writing is crap, publish it anyway

I can’t believe I procrastinate for 10 months to share my content publicly.

I keep anonymous for 10 months scared of how my friends, family strangers think about my writing

As I dont have much experience and still learning, I acknowledge the writing is quite crap.

But if I keep the crap to myself, who will point out the mistakes that I did?

Or how I can improve writing that piece of content

After a few months of hiding, I have enough of it.

If it’s crap, I want to show it anyway

Consistency is key

The advice is so cliche I want to roll my eyes out of the socket

But the advice holds true especially when we talk about writing

And this is the thing that I’m struggling

Heck, everyone is struggling with consistency


Create a pocket time of 30 minutes each day to write.

Dont chase the stats

With recent google hit, my small site with around 100 visitors per month got hit like a big tsunami

Mercilessly wipe out the traffic to close to non-existence

But instead of focusing on creating new and improved content, I spend hours on analytics checking whether the traffic is improving (it’s not)

Stop checking the damn analytics

It’ll drive you insane

And made you lose the purpose of what’s important


Only checking the analytics after posting 3 articles or only once a week

Most people dont read, they skim

No matter how good, well researched your articles are, only a few people will actually read them till the end

My article reading time is about 5-6 minutes, but on average, people are spending roughly 2 minutes in each article

The reader’s attention is precious.

And we need to capture the attention by providing concise valuable info

I still struggling with this as I tend to write in lengthy just the way I speak (I speak a lot)

And I think this requires practice to identify the important value and deliver in concisely

Dont think about monetization at the beginning

The perks of writing online that many people rave about, are how well you will get paid

And how you can earn it passively


If you put any one of those keywords in your title, it’ll definitely get an instant click

Those words drive people to hope and desire

But hear me out, it doesn’t happen easily

There are a lot of cheap tricks out there promising the newbies like us fast, big money, but hey, the majority of this kind of post are either selling their ebook or affiliate program.

So be cautious.

Good things take time

Quality content wins every single time

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