5 Bad Study Habits To Stop Right Now!

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You have studied consistently (or at least you think you do so) but when the result is out, it is not what you want it to be. You become frustrated with the idea of studying and just don’t think you can do it anymore.

Stop right there.

You are not the problem. The problem is with your bad study habits.

By identifying and addressing the root cause, you might be able to change your grade on the next exam. Ready?

Let’s dive right in.

1. Not having a specific study routine & schedule

study tips

This is the number one issue for the majority of the student. Being a university and college student, our timetable varied greatly in each semester. It is not the same as in high school where you have a specific timetable on what to do in each hour.

The problem with this, is some students get lost in their free time in between the class. Or after the class. By not setting a specific study schedule, the student ends up underestimating the amount of revision and the assignment that needed to be done.

In another spectrum, the student feels like they don’t have any time to do anything as they run lives haphazardly.

“I don’t have time to do anything. I need to do my assignments, my class is so packed and I need to organize the community service activity.”

This boils down to one single issue. Bad time management.

Even though it is true, sometimes there is too much to do and we have so little time. But we cannot change the fact that we only have 24 hours each day, not more, not less. That is why having a specific study schedule and sticking to a study routine will help you in the long run.

Prioritize what is important. As Jordan  Peterson mentioned in his talk. Make a damn schedule!

2. Rereading & highlighting the textbook

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When you start studying, notice what is the pattern. Did you take the highlighter and start highlighting the whole page. Now, check your book. Is it easier to read the highlighted or the non-highlighted part?

There is no problem at all with highlighting the keywords. The issue is when the highlighted part is too much and it gives you a headache just to look at the bright yellow pages.

Tip: Buy the pastel highlighter, trust me. It’s a game-changer.

Highlighting is not studying. It helps with recognizing and our brain is good with that. And when you start re-reading the book, and highlight it again and again and call it studying, well, that is the problem.

Re-reading will help you recognize more the sentence, I agree. But, the most important part is for you to question and understand the statement you just highlighted or read.

In order to learn, know how to understand the book or any material correctly.

In this article, I have explained in details Prof Marty Lodell advice on active reading. 

3. Make notes by copying directly from the textbook

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This is one of the most common bad study habits. Making own notes by copying directly the textbox.

Line by line. 

It’s counterproductive and time-consuming. The student spends their time and energy making a lot of notes that are not that helpful for the exam.

The thickness and the aesthetic part of the notes will not help much in the exam, understanding the content, does.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I oppose the idea of writing notes altogether. But the problem is when the content is exactly the same as the book, the sequence, and everything

Before making any notes, question yourself first.

  1. Is this note necessary?
  2. How it will serve me?
  3. What do I want from the notes?

So by knowing what you want from the note-taking process, it will help you determine whether you need to write the notes or it’s sufficient to just add sticky notes on the textbook for that extra info.

There are a few note-taking methods such as the Cornell method, the charting method, and the mapping method to name a few.

Experiment with different methods to know the best ways that work for you.

4. Rely on memorizing facts without understanding

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Understanding things require time. Sometimes to understand a certain concept, you need to spend more than 1-hour reading and discussing the topic. It’s normal.

When we try to cut down the process by just knowing the fact superficially, and relying on memorization to study, it will not last. In the exam, the question is designed to make you think and this learning or bad study habit will bite you at the back.

Understanding comes first and everything else is secondary.

5. Not paying attention in class

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This is the most important aspect of learning. Paying attention in class. I know how lame and straightforward I might sound. But paying attention is key.

One of the biggest lies I ever tell myself back then as a student is; “It’s okay, I will study after the class” during a lecture session. But I never did it. Sounds familiar?

Hear me out, you will spend less time studying as you have understood most of the part by hearing the explanation given by your professor/ lecturer/ teacher.

They will simplify, relate, compare different components from the topic to explain the correct concept in a concise manner.

Once you understand the concept, everything will make sense

There you go, 5 bad study habits you need to stop right now

Which habit resonant well with you?

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