How to Follow Someone on Etsy

Wondering How to follow someone on Etsy? Find your answer here.

Etsy is a thriving online marketplace that brings together talented artisans and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. Whether you are a buyer looking for unique and handcrafted items or a fellow seller seeking inspiration from other creators, following someone on Etsy is a fantastic way to stay connected and discover new treasures.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to follow someone on Etsy, enriching your shopping experience and fostering a supportive community.

How to Follow People and Shops on Etsy

Following someone on Etsy is a simple process that lets you stay updated on their activities:

  1. Click on Their Profile: Visit the user’s profile or shop page you wish to follow.
  2. Click the Follow Button: On their profile or shop page, click the follow button at the top right side to follow them. This will add them to your “Following” list.

Understanding the Importance of Following on Etsy:

Following someone on Etsy allows you to stay updated on their latest products, shop updates, and announcements. It also signals your support for their work and helps build a sense of community within the Etsy marketplace. By following your favourite sellers or shops, you can become part of a network that appreciates and celebrates handmade craftsmanship and creativity.

How to Follow a Shop on Etsy:

Following a shop on Etsy is a straightforward process that requires only a few clicks:

a) Log in to your Etsy account.

b) Go to the shop page you wish to follow.

c) Click the ” Follow” button at the top right corner

How to Find People on Etsy

Finding people on Etsy can be a wonderful way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests. To discover new users:

  1. Utilize Etsy’s Search Bar: Enter specific keywords or names in Etsy’s search bar to find relevant users, including buyers, sellers, and fellow enthusiasts.
  2. Explore Social Media and Forums: Engage with Etsy’s active community on social media platforms and forums to identify interesting users and follow their profiles.
  3. Browse Through Favorites: Check out the favorite lists of sellers whose products you adore. This can lead you to other users with similar tastes.

How to Follow a Specific Item on Etsy

If you want to keep track of a specific item and receive updates about it, follow these steps:

a) Go to the product listing page.

b) Click the heart-shaped “Favorite” button on the listing.

Managing Your Favorite Shops and Items

As you follow more shops and items on Etsy, it’s essential to keep your favorites organized:

a) Go to your Etsy account and click on “Favorites” on the top right corner of the page.

b) Here, you can view all the shops and items you have favorited.

c) To remove a shop or item from your favorites, click the heart icon again to “unfavorite.”

Benefits of Following on Etsy

a) Shop Updates: By following a shop, you will receive notifications when the seller adds new products, offers promotions, or makes announcements about their shop.

b) Personalized Recommendations: Etsy’s algorithm takes your favorite shops and items into account when suggesting personalized recommendations, helping you discover products that align with your tastes and interests.

c) Support and Encouragement: Following someone on Etsy is an act of support and encouragement. It shows the seller that you appreciate their work and are interested in their creations.

d) Building a Community: Etsy is built on a community of sellers and buyers who share a passion for handcrafted goods. By following and engaging with other members, you become an active participant in this vibrant community.

Engaging with Sellers You Follow:

Following a shop is just the beginning of fostering a connection with a seller: a) Leave Positive Reviews: If you purchase from a shop you follow and love the product, leave a positive review to share your experience with others.

b) Participate in Conversations: Engage with the seller by leaving comments or asking questions about their products or creative process. Etsy’s messaging system allows for direct communication with sellers.

c) Share Their Shop: Help support your favorite shops by sharing their products on your social media platforms or recommending them to friends and family.


Following someone on Etsy is a simple yet impactful way to connect with talented creators and discover extraordinary handmade products. By following shops and items that resonate with your style and interests, you can stay updated on new offerings, promotions, and shop announcements. Engaging with the Etsy community and supporting fellow artisans create a positive and encouraging environment that celebrates creativity and craftsmanship. Embrace the power of following on Etsy to enrich your shopping experience, connect with like-minded individuals, and become an active part of the thriving Etsy community.

How to Find Someone’s Wishlist on Etsy

Seeing someone’s wishlist can provide valuable insights into their preferences and wishful purchases. To find someone’s wishlist:

  1. Locate the User’s Profile: Go to the user’s profile page by clicking on their name or avatar.
  2. Look for the Wishlist Section: If the user has made their wishlist public, you’ll find a dedicated section on their profile showcasing the items they desire.
  3. Explore Shared Wishlist: You can also explore shared wishlists that users create, which are often associated with special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

How to Find a Shop on Etsy

Discovering new shops on Etsy is an exciting way to explore unique products. To find a shop:

  1. Utilize Etsy’s Search Feature: Enter specific keywords related to the products or shop name you’re looking for in the search bar.
  2. Explore Related Shops: While browsing through products, check out other shops featured on the seller’s page. These are often related to their niche.
  3. Utilize Shop Sections: Many shops organize their products into sections. Check out these sections to find more products that align with your interests.

Is There an Easier Way to Find People on Etsy?

Etsy’s search functionality can sometimes be challenging to navigate, but there are easier ways to discover users:

  1. Use Social Media: Follow Etsy sellers and enthusiasts on social media platforms. Many sellers share their Etsy shop links and profiles on social media for easy access.
  2. Join Etsy Teams: Join Etsy teams and groups where members interact and promote each other’s shops, making it easier to find users with similar interests.

Building connections and exploring the creative world of Etsy is an enriching experience. By following these steps, you can easily find people, locate shops, and follow users with shared interests.

Embrace the diversity of Etsy’s community, discover unique products, and establish meaningful connections that enrich your Etsy journey.