How To Highlight Text In Canva

Are you a beginner at designing and wondering how to highlight text in Canva? Well, you are in the right place!

Read this simple tutorial to get your question answered.


How to highlight specific words 

You probably want to highlight certain words to emphasize their importance. But unlike Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can’t simply highlight the text with a single click in Canva

But, don’t worry you still able to highlight your text

There are 2 ways to do this

Highlight text in canva using the SHAPE element

  1. Go to the element
  2. Click on the shapes and lines
  3. Choose the shape that you want. People usually use square but you can use any shape you want to emphasise your words
  4. Choose the colour of the shape -use bright colours against dark wording and vice versa
  5. Position the shape directly at the back of the words or position it in a way like how highlights looks like in a document.

Highlight text in canva using PICTURE

For some reason, you might want to be extra unique and want to highlight the words using pictures. 

Well, it’s fairly the same as the previous method

  1. Go to the element
  2. Click on frame and grid
  3. If you want to use your own picture you have to upload the picture first
  4. Click on the upload and choose the picture you want to use
  5. Drage and drop the picture to the back of the words you want to highlight. Position the picture correctly to make it seems like it’s highlighting the picture.

How to highlight text boxes

Sometimes there is the need to highlight the whole box rather than certain words.

So how to do this? Easy

  1. First, add text to your design. You can select Text on the left side toolbar. (Tip: Click the letter T for a shortcut to a textbox)
  2. Choose the desired font design and size
  3. Then, select the textbox and  click on ‘Effect’ located on the top side followed by ‘background’
  4. You can adjust the background based on its transparency, the edge roundness and colour
  5. Now it’s done and you’ve got all the textbox highlighted!

FAQ on How to highlight text in canva

  1. Do I need to use a pro account to highlight text in Canva

No, you don’t have to

But, having a Pro Canva allowed you to have access to various elements that is limited with a free account

By having a Pro Canva you can start creating a Canva template to make money on Etsy