Create and Sell Digital Planner This 2023

Do you enjoy using your digital planner and think that it is one of the best things that helps you with your life and now you want to create one that will help others too?

Or do you feel that creating a digital planner could be your potential source of income for 2023?

If your answer to both questions is yes, you come to the right place.

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How To Create A Digital Planner To Sell

It’s a new year and most people are in the enthusiastic mode, celebrating a new beginning, hoping for a new change

New year, new me, they said

And one of the things that are not surprising to be on the lurk is Planner

Yes, google calendar can help you track the date, appointments, and stuff, but planners are still essential to most people to hole their life together ( speaking from my own self-experience)

Why create and sell digital planners?

1. Easy accessibility

Just imagine, you are out with your friend, and they proposing an idea for a quick staycation, 3 months from now. 

You can,  a) scribble somewhere on your hand/paper and forget bout it right after you reach home, b) Mark it on your google calendar not realizing it happened on the same day as your mom’s birthday, c) Mark it on future plan on your digital planner, in which you can sort it out later

Out of these 3 scenarios, which one do you feel can help you feel more organized and won’t freak out once the day approaches?

Its the c option

One good thing about the digital planner is that you can access them anytime anywhere

It’s like you have a good VA on your side, making your life tad a bit easier

2. Can decorate as much as you want it

One thing I like about digital planners is, how you can customize and decorate them with almost any type of images

For visual people, this feature will make you feel more attracted and actually will use your digital planner well

3. Low-cost business system

If you are low on budget or just a student with not much money, creating a digital planner as your first side hustle might be it

By using the tools that you might already have (iPad), and some fees for your product listing, you are good to go.

Steps to create the digital planner to sell

1. Research the gap

Don’t start making the digital planner until you do the research

If you search on Etsy, you can find thousands of digital planners that are intended for their target audience. 

Don’t just blindly copy the one that you like

Find the gap.

The area that it’s not there or you feel like you have a better area to improve on the digital planner

If you created a digital planner that looks and functions exactly the same as what has been sold, chances are quite thin and might take a lot of work for you to sell your digital planner

Especially if they are star sellers and have been selling planners for quite some time. They already have their followers and audience

Find something that can separate your planner from the rest.

Go specific or super specific if you have to.

2. Find your niches

What is your digital planner for? 

Who are the people that you are trying to help?

For example, you can create a digital planner for busy moms.

To be honest, you can find quite a few planners intended for the busy mom. So, you need to make the niche more specific

To make the niche more specific, try to solve a problem of one person

Yes, ONE person

You might know anyone in your family who is actually a busy mom. Talk to her and ask what is the thing that could help her.

By being extra specific, you might increase the chances of your digital planner outshone the others

Niche: Digital planner for a busy mom

Sub niche: Digital planner for busy stay-at-home moms who homeschool their kids.

Did you see the difference?

The second one is more specific and you can add the extra element in your digital planner to help them plan more effectively

3. Draft the digital planner

Draft your idea on the paper first (writing on the paper is the best during the brainstorming process)

List down the element you want to add to creating the digital planner

At this stage, get a lot of ideas from your family and friends.

They might give you some insight on what to add or not to add

4. Create your digital planner

There are a lot of tools and design programs you can use to create a digital planner. Choose one that you are familiar with or currently using

Based on your experience you should know the limitations, the strength, and what not to do in the design program

Whatever it is, make sure the design program allows HYPERLINK features

What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is the key element of a digital planner. When you click on it, it will bring you to the exact pages that you want

Instead of scrolling multiple pages up and down, using hyperlinks will help your users/ customer to navigate the digital planner easily

5. Design a program to create a digital planner

Try using a free design program to increase the chances of accessibility. 

When it’s free, chances are people are keener to purchase the digital planner as they don’t have to purchase the program.

1. Canva

You can use the free version but by paying for the Canva premium, you can get a more exclusive design that will make it stand out compared to the rest.

Sign up Canva here and start creating your design now.

2. Keynote App

This is a free app in the Apple play store. You can use it basically on any Apple product

3. PowerPoint

Yes, you can create the planner using PowerPoint. As most people are familiar with PowerPoint, using it as a digital planner won’t be an issue.

4. Google slide

Works quite similar to PowerPoint, google slide is quite easy to navigate

5. Adobe Illustrator

This program is quite expensive and if you are new to this, it can be quite tricky and will take some of your time

But, if you have some basic idea to use this, adobe illustrator is the best in terms of professional-looking planner

6. Goodnote

You have to purchase this app and only those people who own this app can use it

Despite these advantages, good notes are quite easy and can create a good-looking digital planner with less hassle

This is one of my personal favorites in creating the digital planner

7. Planify

This is a program specifically designed to create planners. If you are serious and have extra bucks to kick-start your digital planner business, you can try this one

Planify will remove the restrictions you face in creating the digital planner 

8. Creative Fabrica or creative element

One thing that can help your design to stand out is to use a specific or special element that is rare and different from the rest

You can purchase some of the elements from creative Fabrica/ element and reuse the element multiple times. 

Where to sell digital planners?

1. Etsy

The best marketplace to sell your digital planner


Because it is beginner friendly and quite foolproof

Etsy is swarmed with customers with high buying intentions. They lurk into Etsy to actually buy something.

If your planner caught their attention, the chances that they will purchase your digital planner are higher.

If you want to know more on how to increase your Etsy conversion rate (read: Make people buy your product), click here.

2. Shopify

Works similar to Etsy, Shopify is the ‘it’ online platform to sell anything you like including digital planner

3. Your own website or social media

The disadvantage of using platforms such as Etsy and Shopify aside from the fees is you don’t have full control or autonomy over your product

To have complete control, create your own website. This could be the next step once you have learned SEO

You can first use social media to get your brand recognition. You can either use your personal social media or separate one specifically for your product, that’s entirely up to you.

Diversify if possible. Don’t put all eggs in one basket.

Tips for selling the digital planner

1. Use SEO to optimize your listing

Look at the best-selling planner. How do they write their listing? What is the keyword they use?

Imitate the best and improvise

Do not copy and paste exactly how they write their listing but just get the inspiration

2. Provide clear instructions to your customer

Sometimes, the tricky part of selling the digital product is the customer doesn’t realize that they will not get an actual product.

It seems quite obvious but without a proper disclaimer, your customer might get confused which can lead them to give you a low rating 

And you don’t want that to happen

Provide clear instructions and disclaimers for your digital product

3. Provide an alternative program for the same design

Make the design compatible with various design platforms.

This will increase the chances of more people getting your planner

4. Provide multiple options in your store

Avoid selling 1 design. Why? You cant have feedback on which design people will love.

Provide options. People love options

5. Get your  family and friends to purchase your product and get some feedback from them

Most of the time, people will only purchase the listing when they see the item is already purchased by others.

It’s a sign that the product is actually worth to be purchase

Ask your family and friends to support your business and leave some feedback on your store

AND.. that’s it!

You can start your digital planner business with a few simple clicks.

Block your weekend and work on that dream of creating your side hustle.