The Sunday Night Routine For More Organised Week

Wondering why you often end up with Monday blues? Probably you need to fix your Sunday night routine. It sounds trivial, but gives a huge impact on your productivity for the week.

Let’s reclaim the week by fixing our Sunday night routine.

The Sunday fun day is almost over and your Sunday night routine will determine how prepared you are for the upcoming week.

How you spend Sunday night sets the tone for your entire week. By setting a certain Sunday night routine, we are prepping ourselves both mentally and physically for the coming week. 

For me, the Sunday morning routine is important for reflection and reviewing the past week as well as for planning out the week based on the goals and target sets earlier.

Whereas the Sunday night routine is more chill out, including the self-care session which is more relaxing and focuses on 2 main things 

  •  Recharge:  Recharging our energy from all the activities we had done over the weekend, and
  • Recalibrated: This means resetting whatever feeling you had to become more in tune with yourself and ready for the next Monday morning.

So how can we set our Sunday night routine to prep for a more organized week?

By taking care of 4 different elements: Mental, Physical, Space, and Personal

Sunday Evening walk

To wrap up the week, do a light physical activity such as strolling with your family around the neighborhood or maybe yoga.

I hate going outside, whyyyy?

Same my friend, but get this, research has shown that walking reduces stress levels by releasing endorphins which overall improve the mood.

Meditating while walking had the greatest impact on mood enhancement, according to a 16-week study that involved 135 volunteers divided into five groups. The different groups walked quickly or slowly. Some groups meditated while they walked, and some groups did not meditate.

As their meditation, the walkers simply counted “one, two, one, two” as they walked. The meditation was designed to have them focus on their steps instead of thinking about other concerns. Regardless of the speed of their walking, the meditating groups experienced the greatest impact on stress reduction and mood enhancement

Just go outside, with your family or pets and walk your stress away before Monday comes.

But sometimes when you don’t feel the urge to go out, so just stay at home to watch Netflix or any of our favorite YouTubers, but INTENTIONALLY.

What I mean by this is, there is no problem with watching Netflix or even youtube. The ONLY problem is that you consume it relentlessly with no intention at all.

once you start doom scrolling, the next time you realized it, it’s already 1 am. With a few more hours left before work.

Tip: Set a timer on how long you can be on the phone. Once the timer goes off, get up and move on to the next step.

Clear your space

As you are high with endorphin, keep moving to the next step, clear your surrounding.

Physical clutter often leads to mental clutter

Grab your vaccum and clear the dirt away. As you clean, set the intetntion the the new week is about to start. By priming yourself with the sunday night routine ritual, you will be more ready for the Monday.

Prep the outfit, bag, and snacks for Monday

Laptop bag, lunch bag, gym back the big bag for your bags, well anything you need for the next day. Pack all necessary bags needed for Monday and place them next to the door. 

This is another sunday night routine that not to be missed. The simple prep session will avoid the chaos in the next Morning

Start the winding down routine

Turn off all electronic devices. Phones, TV, laptop. Replace the lighting with the warm-yellow light (if you have one) and turn down all the other lights. 

Personally, I like to light my aromatherapy candle or diffuse the essential oil. It’s like an unspoken ritual that I set to begin my winding down routine which is calming and relaxing.

Then I begin my skincare routine right after a bath. I love the routine not only because it left me feeling pampered, but the act of slowly patting my face with the ingredients help me feel more rested and mindful. 

Previously, I will bring my phone and listen to the podcast (for the sake of bringing productivity). But recently, I stop the habit of getting constantly stimulated and being more with myself in silence.


Being alone with myself help me slow down my thought process which will help me sleep better. Sometimes it’s easier to really listen to what we exactly think when we face ourselves directly in the mirror, alone. 

write on Gratitude journal

In this world where there is full of temptation and everyone seems to be achieving everything that we are not, with all the aesthetically pleasing is so easy to get drawn to the feeling of not having enough. The more we want it, the more we feel what we had is not enough.

Then we look at ourselves in the mirror. Everything doesn’t seem right anymore. Too fat. Too skinny.. the list continues.

We can’t accept our flaws.

And it’s a sad situation to be in. That is the importance of expressing gratitude which is the antidote to dissatisfaction.

I learn about the concept of documenting the feeling of gratitude after reading a book by Janice Kaplan, The gratitude diaries, where she spend the whole year being well..gratitude with what she had in life which then transform her marriage, family life, work, and health.

Sounds corny at first.

But once we start practising it, it did give a positive outlook on our life. When we view ourselves, our life in a more positive manner it will translate in the way we speak, how we view life and everything that matter. 

List down the things that are grateful to you for the day in your journal. Even as simple as this “I’m grateful that I have a good dinner. And my fruit loops didn’t get soggy today.”

By incorporating the gratitude component as part of Sunday night routine, we are encouraging ourselves focus more on positive sides the coming week. 

Lights off!

To have a good start on Monday, we need a proper, well-rested good night’s sleep. So, the timing of we went to bed is non-negotiable.

If there is any Sunday night routine that I can highlight, it is definitely this one: Go to bed and sleep early

Another good habit that needed to be implemented is to avoid scrolling your phone before bedtime.

Better, if you put your phone outside the bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind

Yes, we are tempted to see the latest IG story of cool people who don’t even know about our existence.

But, to have a good sleep translates to a refresh morning the next day, so don’t compromise with this bad habit.

The blue light will screw your circadian rhythm. So that’s another reason to keep the phone outside.

From Atomic Habit, James clear have mentioned that good or bad habits will get compounded over time, so choose our habits right.

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There you go, a walk-through of Sunday night routine that you can try for more organise week.

Of course, this is what I had practise and do usually. You can do whatever you feel fit for your Sunday night routine which gives you the best result for the upcoming week!

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