Easy Bullet Journal Keys That Saves Up Your Time

easy bullet journal key

5 Seconds Summary: 

  • The bullet journal keys helps in rapid logging by using bullets and symbols. This will help ease the bullet journaling process

The simplicity of the bullet journal lies in the utilization of keys or signifiers.

When I first come across the bullet journal, I get confused and thought it was some sort of hidden message like the petroglyphs- the carving of the wall of the cave from prehistoric times.

Why so many key symbols?

What does it mean?

What are all those arrows and bullets and stars…

Curious, I dig deeper into what’s the bullet journal keys are all about

What is a bullet journal keys?

 The essence of a bullet journal is rapid logging which is a short-form notation

And how to maximize the logging process?

By using bullets and symbols

This visual representation by using a bullet or signifier could help ease the journaling process

In the original video by Ryder Carroll on basic bullet journaling setup, he didn’t mention anything on the bujo keys

What he did mention is using different forms of the bullet which are the symbols to represent the task, events, or notes in your entries.

However, some refer  the bullet journal keys or legend as the reference guide to keep track of various symbols you use in your bullet journal

This way, you won’t get lost in the middle of journaling scratching your head, trying to decode your entry


Original bullet journal key

The original bullet journal key by Ryder Carroll is simple and very much suitable for beginner

He divided the entry into 3 different categories

  • Task: indicated by dot bullet (.)
  • Events: indicated by circle bullet (o)
  • Notes: indicated by dash bullet (-)

That’s it.

The original bullet key only required 3 simple symbols

If you want to emphasize the importance of the task, place the asterisk or maybe a star to the left of it.

This is known as a signifier

Signifiers add extra meaning to the bullet, which in this case indicates a priority

How to use the bullet journal keys?

Now you know what the symbols represent, how to go from there?

Bujo task key is probably the most used symbol throughout the journal.

Simply because well, we have tasks to be completed every single day

So how to mark  once the task is done?

X out the task that you have completed

For the incomplete task, evaluate the task first and see the relevance of you continuing the task

There are 3 outcomes from this:

Number 1, if it’s not important and has no value to continue, simply strike it out

Number 2, if it’s important, draw a right-facing arrow and transfer or copy it into the new monthly log or another collection.

This is called migration

> Migrated – If you didn’t complete a Task, you Migrate it to another Collection

< Scheduled – Tasks with specific dates in the future. These can be added to the Future Log


The idea of this exercise is to only focus on the things that matter to you.

I like this concept of removing distractions and focusing on the things that are worth our time.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel busy or be busy without actually knowing what we are doing

And the bullet journal might help us with that

So how does it looks like in your entry?




Thursday 21/4

  • Laundry
  • Fold clothes

X Write 1 article

X Prepare lecture material

>  May budget calculation

< Vet appointment May 5th

I have curated some of the bullet journal keys  idea from instagram to help you create yours!

Bullet journal keys idea

Minimalist bullet journal key

The minimalist bullet journal keys is for those who just need to get it done. 

It is simple and basic but still fit the purpose of bujo keys

Photo by @rumi_park via instagram

Photo by @myra.bujo via instagram

Note that myra.bujo has more elaborated keys whereas rum_park is more simple and basic.

the complexity of the bujo keys will depend on how much you need to be guided in using your bujo.

Photo by @ym.ym.note via instagram

Photo by @journalwithmadds via instagram

Photo by @bujowithandrea via instagram

Minimalist with simple design

If you like minimalist bullet journal keys, but prefer with a little design, check out jandibujo page

she has the ability to create simple design but still look minimal in her bujo

Photo by @jandibujo via instagram

Colour coded journal key

For those who like to spice up your bujo with colours, you can using colour code bujo keys like these:

Photo by @_potato__potahto_ via instagram

Photo by @osomelerobitacoras via instagram

Photo by @study_orthophoniste via instagram

Photo by @multitaskingmamahoch2 via instagram

Photo by @otaku_mamadraw_ via instagram

Simple Colour coded journal key

Photo by @vikajournals via instagram

Photo by @thefoxicorn via instagram

Artsy journal key

Bullet journal keys doesn’t have to be plain and boring

if you prefer more well decorated bujo key page, check out these talented, creative people  bujo keys

Photo by @justbeyourplans via instagram

Photo by @mooshimocreations via instagram

Photo by @wachako_to via instagram

Photo by @hellobonjournal via instagram

Pull-Out Key

This idea of having pull out bujo key  is brilliant

convenient and functional, what a bujo keys is all about

Photo by @lilian.letters via instagram

Photo by @bujowithjules via instagram

Photo by @ichigo_note via instagram

The bookmark bujo Key

another variation of pull-out key is the book mark.

this is suitable for the beginner who still need to work out whatever the symbols mean.

Photo by @kirsebaertrae via instagram

Photo by @mombrainbujo via instagram

There you go, the bullet journal keys idea that will help you saves your time in journaling

which one is your favourite?