Simple Bullet Journal Cover page Theme for beginner

If you are about to start bullet journaling and wonder how to decorate the bullet journal cover page, well you come to the right place!


Since Iโ€™m just starting my bullet journal journey, the thing I think about is of course the cover page.

Itโ€™s not necessarily needed, I agree. But since I used my old journal and turned it into a bullet journal, I feel like creating the cover page is nice to have that separation between them


The Bullet Journal Method

if you are just starting and want to know more about the bullet journal, you might want to read this post to help you begin the process.

The bullet journal method can be approached in 6 steps

  1. Bullet journal key
  2. Bullet journal index
  3. Bullet journal future log
  4. Bullet journal monthly spreads
  5. Bullet journal weekly/daily spreads
  6. Bullet journal collections

The bullet journal cover page serves as a separator between months. It’s not in the original version of the bullet journal but it is a fun way to explore the creative expression and set the theme of the month.

5 Seconds Summary

Naturally, I go to Instagram to find the bullet journal cover page idea.

And boy, it sure didnโ€™t disappoint.

A few minutes in, I already get bombarded with the aesthetic, creative, colourful-looking bullet journal.

Photo by @bulletjournalbychloe via Instagram

* Panic*

Photo by @jimsjournals via Instagram

* Breath in- Breath out*

Since I’m just starting, I know I couldn’t follow whatever I saw on Instagram.

So I decided to write down what I want to focus on this month

I think that having a monthly theme of what I want to focus on will create a better sense of direction.

Then, this will be the cover page of my bullet journal.

Rather than focus on the aesthetic aspect only, I have decided the cover page should reflect my focus of the month.

Is it gratitude?

Is it money?

Is it growth?

For this April-May, I have decided that the focus will be on starting something new.

So naturally, I’m thinking of something like the plant/floral-related theme to be the cover page.

(I’m so clichรฉ , I know)

Here are 12 easy bullet journal cover page ideas for a beginner you can try this 2022

2022 Aesthetic bullet journal cover page ideas

bullet journal Sprinkle Theme for birthday

Photo by @kayla.bujos via Instagram

This sprinkle theme by Kayla is seriously easy but still super cute!

Since my birthday is in April as well, now I contemplating using this theme instead.

I bet for a beginner like me who doesn’t have many art supplies yet, this theme suit best.

bullet journal Cherry Theme

Photo by @my_journal_addiction via instagram

This cherry theme by Alexandra is neat and simple but really attractive!

What I like about her spreads is that I can mimic this without many supplies.

if you are like me and only have the basic tool, maybe we can try this theme.

bullet journal Garden Theme

Photo by @pretty.and.papered via Instagram

Check out this garden theme doodle by Emily.

the colour pallets, the simple cute doodle, what not to like?!

Emily has a real knack for creating simple art for her bullet spread but still looking fresh and attractive. I might be lurking on her page often to get more inspiration

The office cover page Theme

Photo by @babettesjournal via Instagram

the office!

that’s the theme.

Bullet journal Autumn theme

Photo by via Instagram

I think that for beginners in bullet journaling, using pictures and pasting them in is the best bet

You can print out any aesthetic picture you found in the Pinterest or maybe from the magazine to decorate the cover page of the bullet journal

I think it’s the cheat code for bullet journaling if you love aesthetic-looking bullet journals but not reaching that creative level (yet).

this cover page spread is the perfect example

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Sleeping sloth theme

Photo by @minlunabujo via Instagram

what else you need but the sleeping sloth.

I love how Miriam create this easy doodle for her April spread

if the main focus for this month is to have a proper, quality sleep, this sleeping sloth is for you.

bullet journal cover page Flower Theme

Photo by @minim_craft via Instagram

The colour palette of this cover page is whatever you need for your bullet journal.

It is simple, easy to draw (I think) and shouldn’t take much time to create.

but one thing I know, my calligraphy skill is non-existence so there is chance my spread will not end up as nice as minim_craft, but hey, we can try

the simple sketch

Photo by @bujo.applelicious  via Instagram

I love how simple the sketch is but still looks very delicate

the pop of blue colour is everything.

Bullet journal cover page Sakura Theme

Photo by @ali.magination via Instagram

This sakura theme by Alicia is too stunning.

the calligraphy is everything and I love how sweet and delicate this spread looking

Use washi tape to create a better-looking cover page

Photo by @lynndmnt via instagram

You don’t have time but still want to do the cover page?

use the washi tape

the washi tape comes in handy to create a simple but nice-looking cover page for a bullet journal.

it can also act as a separator or tag for certain sections of your bullet journal

or..Use Stickers

Photo by @somekind.words via Instagram

I love, love everything about this bujo cover spread

even though it is not exactly simple looking, it still looks ‘extra’.

the trick is: Use stickers for the spread

and I love how Julia include the envelope to collect the polaroid picture, stickers, receipts etc for the month. I really love this idea

My favourite Bujo Cover Page

Photo by @myrthesbujo via Instagram

this bullet journal cover page idea is my favourite

the cute colour palette and the delicate looking floral really caught my attention

and this will be my inspiration for my cover page this time!

The final say

There you go a few cover page ideas that we can try for our bullet journal

don’t feel the obligation to create the cover page if you don’t have time or don’t feel like it

sticks to what you want

what is the purpose of your starting a bullet journal? stick to your purpose and enjoy your own bullet journal journey.

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