13 Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spread ideas

Bullet Journal monthly spread or monthly log offers a bird’s eye view of the things you have to do as well as your available time every month.

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What Are Bullet Journal Monthly spreads or Logs?

Bullet journal or Bujo monthly spread (sometimes refers as monthlies) is the collection of events or tasks you have over the course of the month

It also serves as an inventory of events that happened in that month. Like highlighting eventful moments of the month

So it works like 2-in-1: Planning and collecting the moment of the month

It offers a bird’s-eye view of the things you have to do, as well as your available time.

Ryder Caroll

*Note: If you are just starting and want to know more about the bullet journal, you might want to read this post to help you begin the process.

The bullet journal method can be approached in 6 steps

  1. Bullet journal key
  2. Bullet journal index
  3. Bullet journal future log
  4. Bullet journal monthly spreads (We are here!)
  5. Bullet journal weekly/daily spreads
  6. Bullet journal collections

The bullet journal monthly spread is the fourth step of the  bullet journal system

Original bujo monthly spread by Ryder’s

..or monthly log as what he referred

He use 2 pages of the bujo spread

The left page will be the monthly calendar page.

He does this by writing down all the dates and days of the month. Like a list

And the right page is the monthly task page.

Write down all the things that you need to get done for the month

Use a simple dot bullet which indicates the task.

If you are still unsure about the symbols or bujo keys, you can refer to this post 

If you want to start bullet journaling, check out this post. And get the best Bullet Journal Notebook to start your journey

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The original bujo monthly spreads consist of 2 main parts:The calendar page and the task page

Once you are done listing the task of the month, write down the page numbers and log in to your index.

This provides easy access to your monthly entry

The beauty of a monthly log or monthly spread is that it gives a bird’s eye view of your commitment over the month

It’ll not only help you track the activities, but it also helps with the organization of our life.

This way, we avoid doing things at the last minute

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But, If you noticed carefully, in the calendar page of the monthly spread, Ryder used it as logging of the event after it had happened and works like a timeline.

This works like a monthly mental inventory

But for those who are already accustomed to planner setup, you will probably think that the short snippets of events on the calendar page won’t work.

Worry not, my friend

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can modify the monthly spread based on your preferences.

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Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

Here are some bujo monthly spread ideas to inspire you

P/S: Word of caution ( to myself especially)

Don’t get overwhelmed with the beautiful spread of others. The basic is the most simple

So start from the basics and feel free to explore the creative worlds of bujo

Combination of monthly log with simple tracker

I have noticed in this video, that Ryder set a habit tracker slot on the right side of the calendar page.

Sleek huh?

I like his idea of maximizing the page and don’t leave it wasted

Another plus point is that it looks so simple and not overwhelming to track the habit in a vertical manner.

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but the horizontal tracker really driving me nuts, as I can see the space widely open with untick boxes

It creates disappointment whenever I didn’t do the habit, so I just abandon the idea of tracking the habit altogether.

I might try Ryder’s version of combining the monthly log with the habit tracker

Photo by @lines.and.lettering via Instagram

I love everything about this page.

it’s simple and minimal but still practical

Planner calendar format

I have seen multiple bullet journals using the planner format in the bullet journal.

For people who are already accustomed using the planner, creating the calendar format is the best bet

Photo by @greydoorstudio via Instagram

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Traditional calendar format

Photo by @hineko_stationery via Instagram

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Photo by @ani.journals via Instagram

Added flair to the original version

Photo by @hannahmariaplans via Instagram

I know this doesn’t seem quick and easy, but using the right supplies, I feel this is do-able

what I like about this monthly layout is the combination of the different months in 1 bujo spread. This will give an overview of what’s going on for a few months

oh and Hannah bujo spreads is among my favourite.

go check out her Instagram page for more inspiration

Separation of work and personal log

Photo by @yeryung_bujo via Instagram

The monthly log with work and personal separation is really great for tracking work and personal growth progress like this one!

What do you think about the curated bujo monthly spread or monthly log? 

my favourite is the original version!

if you’re busy and just about to begin the bujo journey, let’s start with the minimalist monthly spread or log to get started.

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