10 Simple & Practical Tips To Overcome The Midweek Slump

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Do you ever feel you are working just fine, but as the days go by and Wednesday creeps in, you start to feel urghh when the weekend is coming?

Sometimes, the week can be draining and it’s difficult to even go through Wednesday let alone the week.

mid week blues

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What is the mid-week slump?

Mid-week slump or mid-week blues is the feeling of low and monotonousness with life.

The days feel longer

Everything seems dull

and lacks the enthusiasm to work /study

basically, you walking, thinking like a sloth.

and it’s only Wednesday. 

so you still  have another 2 days before the weekend

If you always feel tired and not only on midweek, try to add supplements to your daily routine.

Mid-week blues or mid-week slump
The feeling of tired, boredom or maybe burnt-out in the middle of the week

Why I’m in the mid-week slump?

The midweek slump can be because of being exhausted & overwhelmed with work or generally…life.

the never-ending work and life obligations.

it’s like there’s no stop sign and everything needs your attention

which ends up with you feeling exhausted and keep checking when the weekend is coming.

when the weekend end, the vicious cycle continues. 

sad huh? same, my friend.

another thing that might cause you to feel a slump in midweek is simply because you’re just bored of doing the same thing repeatedly.

the same face, the same route you take for work, the same routine

the mundane cycle is enough to make you feel the slump. On Monday.

as crazy as its sounds, this feeling is felt by most of us.

we just need to find out how to overcome it. 

Here are 10 tips to overcome the mid-week slump and thrive the week like a champion. (or at least just get through the week).

How do you beat the mid-week slump?

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1. Break the boredom of the routine

We mainly repeat the same thing every single day.

This mundane lifecycle contributes greatly to the midweek slump.

The solution?

Start something new midweek.

Be it your personal goal and target or the abundant office and university task, try mixing it up and do a new task midweek.

Sometimes the boredom of doing the same activity, and looking at the same project drained out our enthusiasm and passion for the work even though we are pretty excited about it at the beginning.

If you usually go to the library to do your work or study, change the location to the nearby coffeehouse.

Or if you have been working on a long-term project, try to do a different approach, aspect, or area of the project.

This small change of routine can help break the feeling of boredom and eventually the midweek slump.

If you wondering why we need creative hobbies or passion projects as an adult, I have articles ready for you. And I have passion project ideas you can try to pursue based on your creative strength

2. Start exercising or do a different workout

If you haven’t been exercising, you have been missing a lot.

Exercise or any physical activity can help release the happy hormone called, endorphin which will most likely help with the midweek slump.

In her Ted Talk, Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, discovered that exercise or any physical movement could help build brand-new cells.

This will help in protection from a condition like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Plus, it’s also good for our mental health.

If you are regular with your exercise, try to do a different workout rather than repeating the same set of exercises to beat the midweek slump.

Let’s say Monday -Tuesday is for cardio, spice up your Wednesday with yoga or pilates.

But if you want to keep your steps high, why don’t you invest in the walking pad? This can encourage you to keep moving as you work

3. Mid-week journaling and reflection

This is something I regularly practice. Use Wednesday to reset and do the reflection.

Sometimes our days just passed by with us being mindlessly busy.

The problem is, we don’t even realize what makes us so busy all the time

Is it because we don’t know how to manage our time? Or is it because we cannot say no when people ask for help?

By doing the mid-week journaling or reflection, we can reset our goals to the direction that we want our life to be.

New to journaling? Read my post on journaling for beginners to know more.

10 Practical Tips To Overcome The Midweek Slump (You’re Almost There!) 02

If you want to start bullet journaling, check out this post. And get the best Bullet Journal Notebook to start your journey

4. Lunch at a different place

Used to that deli? Go to Subway instead.

Too familiar and friendly with the restaurant owner? choose something different this time.

Life gets too boring when it becomes predictable.

Sometimes we just want to avoid the idea of not knowing things or uncertainty, that’s why we keep on eating the same thing, the same restaurant doing the same thing over and over again.

Next Wednesday, lunch somewhere different.

Go to that Mexican restaurant, go to that restaurant with a very non-friendly owner and put yourself out of your comfort zone to order from her/him.

Or bring your lunch next Wednesday.

Cook something nice and enjoy your cooking.

It seems trivial but it’ll help break the chain of boredom.

5. Be with nature

Instead of scrolling your phone post-work, take a 10-15 minute walk outside and be with nature.

Just go to the nearby park and feel the breeze of the wind.

Or if it is impossible for you to be out of the office or class, just view the nature picture or scene instead.

Being in nature or viewing a nature scene will help in increasing the pleasant feeling and reduce the feeling of anger and stress.

Sometimes, when we are out in nature, our problems, tiredness, or even boredom will most probably get better. Just do a quick turn before you reach home to the nearby park. 

Just stay in the car if you’re too tired to walk.

Roll down the window and enjoy the benefit of nature to overcome the mid-week slump.

6. Mid-week decluttering activity

Pick one area to declutter that won’t take much time. It can be your countertop or that one drawer filled with junk.

The act of decluttering and cleaning indirectly gives a sense of liberation as you remove the unwanted item.

Did you know, that by decluttering and organizing you can help improve focus and reduce anxiety? 

If you are too busy and it’s impossible to find time to do this, declutter your file on the laptop instead.

Get this drawer organizer to help you, organize your stuff

10 Practical Tips To Overcome The Midweek Slump (You’re Almost There!) 03

7. Sleep earlier

If you are used to sleeping at 10 pm, use the midweek to sleep earlier maybe at 930pm. 

The idea of it is to break the same routine and to help you get up earlier for the brand-new day.

Just go to bed earlier and use that time to meditate and calm the anxious mind. I cannot emphasize the benefit of doing deep breathing to help slow down my thought process. 

Just be comfortable on your bed, do 10-15 times deep breathing exercises, and get ready to sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep starts with a good evening routine.

8. Use midweek for a self-care activity

Self-care can be in many forms. But the simplest form of self-care is skincare.

Instead of the routine slapping moisturizer while chomping down the sandwich at the same time, try to make it as relaxed as possible.

Scrub your face, body, and feet infused with that essential oil, and use a clay mask for your pore.

Do it mindfully and appreciate your body that works tirelessly throughout the day.

Once finished pampering yourself, you won’t even remember you have a midweek slump in the first place!

9. Organize your working or study space

Working around clutter can really affects your productivity. It might be the contributing factor to your midweek slump as well.

Clean and organise your working space help improve work efficiency that helps you deliver better quality work.

When you are in the midweek slump, the first thing that you can do is maybe organize your working space.

We spend so many hours working, might as well improve the working condition.

Use labelled files, boxes, and other tools to rearrange things and make them more accessible when we need them.

10. Be kind to yourself

Everyone gets this mid-week slump all the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself to be productive all the time.  

We are only human and feeling down, and blues do happen sometimes. The important is to manoeuvre how to get out of it.

No one is productive all time. Embrace the slump. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Journal prompt on the mid-week blues or mid-week slump.

Whenever you are ready, let’s start some journaling exercises to really dig down the mid-week blues issue you are having.

How frequent are my mid-week slumps or mid-week blues?

Question yourself whether this happens frequently ie every week, or just once in a while when too much is happening at the same time.

If Yes, why do you feel this way?

Is your workplace, draining you?

Or is it that one toxic friend hovering over you all the time?

By identifying the root cause, you are addressing the issue rather than just brushing it off. 

Maybe, the frequent bouts of the mid-week slump you felt are signs for you to change the workplace.

Or maybe it’s time for you to get rid of the toxic person that affects you so much.

Identifying and analyzing the cause is the most important step to taking the next action

is it the same feeling every time or does it gets worsen over time?

You want to know the severity.

How bad is it?

On a scale of 1-5, how will you rate it?

if it’s a frequent episode of a slump, what is the rate you give in each episode?

Should I take any action on my mid-week slumps or blues?

if it happens far too frequently and not only happen during mid-week, there might be more than just a slump or blues

You really need to sit down with your thoughts or have a talk with someone you trust

there are high chances you might need to do some changes in your life.

it could be life is too predictable or boring for you and it’s time to make a change.

or you might be on the verge of burning out that you numbed down your feeling in a state of a slump.

or maybe it is anhedonia- the inability to feel pleasure, reduce the feeling of excitement or joy which is the sign of depression

get to know yourself and really ask whether you are okay.

Here you go, 10 tips to overcome the midweek slump for you to try on.

Which tips will you try this week?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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