Passion Project Ideas You Can Start Today

Do you ever find yourself yearning for a project that truly ignites your passion? Something that allows you to delve into your interests, make a positive impact, and create a meaningful change? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will explore a collection of inspiring passion project ideas that you can start today.

Passion projects can be the result of you working passionately to feed your curiosity.

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Passion projects are personal endeavours pursued out of love, curiosity, and a desire to make a difference. They provide an opportunity to explore your interests, express your creativity, and contribute to the world in a way that resonates with you on a deep level. Whether you’re looking to embark on a solo venture or collaborate with others who share your passion, there’s a project out there waiting for you.

The beauty of passion projects lies in their diversity. They can range from initiatives that benefit your community and the environment to creative pursuits that nurture your artistic side. No matter your background, age, or skill set, there’s a passion project out there that aligns with your passions and values.

Throughout this blog post, we will present you with a curated list of passion project ideas designed to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. From environmental initiatives like community gardens and cleanup campaigns to mentoring programs, podcast production, and beyond, each idea carries the potential to inspire and empower you on your personal journey.

Starting a passion project can be the beginning of a transformative journey, bringing excitement and profound changes to your life. Contrary to popular belief, passion projects are not exclusive to students; adults seeking to break free from mundane routines can also embark on this fulfilling endeavour.

If you are still unsure what a passion project is all about, you can read this post

Why need to start a Passion project for adults?

The reason you start the passion project can be as simple as

  • To stop wasting time or to use it to do something meaningful
  • As a baby step to earning money and turn it into side-hustle 
  • To explore your creative side which remains dormant all this while
  • to increase your skill in a certain area
  • to do something that you love without having to quit your daily job
  • because you are boring

There is no need to have a specific reason why you want to start the passion project

You can just, start

Curiosity + Work (Progress)= Passion

If you are still unsure about what to do for your personal project, you can try a few and keep on experimenting with what triggers your excitement

So, are you ready to embark on a passion project that fills your days with purpose and excitement? Join us as we explore these fascinating ideas and discover the possibilities that await. Let’s dive in and find the perfect passion project that will light up your life and the lives of those around you.


Passion project ideas if you love to write  

The writer: If you love to write, or maybe love the idea of writing, here are some writing passion project ideas you can start on

1. Start a blog

This is my passion project turned side hustle idea. If you love to write and have a passion/interest in a certain topic, you can start by creating a blog. 


  • Can make money over time
  • It’s fun and addicting


  • You need a small amount of money to buy the host and domain
  • Need a lot of work
  • Tips: If you are serious about blogging, you can start by writing a few articles while saving up your money to buy the host and domain

2. Writing on medium

If you love to write and don’t bother about the technicality, a medium platform is for you


  • You can get access to high-quality articles, ads-free
  • It can help you get consistent with writing
  • The platform is easy to navigate, and suitable for beginner


  • There are annual fees
  • Only selected country can monetise their article on this platform
  • Tip: I usually share my article both, on this blog and on Medium. In Medium, you can get quick feedback from the reader and you can improve your writing over time

3. Freelance writing

If you love to write, you can start making money writing articles online

You can use platforms such as Upwork and Fiver to begin your passion project as a freelance writer.

Other platforms: Radish (Fiction)

4. Translating

Translating is another passion project turned side hustle idea. The only requirement is, well, you need to know at least 2 languages (well duh)

It’s pretty neat once you get the trust of the client. It can be a recurring gig

5. Writing Fan fiction

I swear I have a friend writing fan fiction of some KPOP group back in 2014 ish. It was very odd and funny to me. But, the immense reader of this fan fiction thingy is no joke

If you are familiar with fan fiction and its something you enjoy reading, maybe its time for you to start writing about it

6. Answering questions on Quora

If you like writing but are not confident yet to blog or freelance use this free platform to sharpen your writing skills.

A top writer like Nicholas Cole is once a regular on this Quora platform. People know him from Quora. So don’t sleep on this free but mighty platform


Free and you can start anytime

7. Columnist

This requires a more professional and factual type of writing. But once you ace it, you can go far in your writing career

The reader pool will be wide and can turn into something big if done right

8. Medical notes and legal proceedings transcriber

I know it’s not a common passion project idea, but you can do it if you need the money.

If you love taking notes and writing, this is for you

8. Write an e-book and sell it

A digital product such as an e-book is a very interesting passion project idea you can pursue

You can create a low-content book as a start, like a colouring book or kids’ book and sell it on KDP Amazon.

Or if you are an expert on a certain topic, or have some basic knowledge of it you can write it and turn it into an e-book

Some people make tonnes of money selling e-books on KDP Amazon. It’s your turn now

Use Canva for an easy, beginner-friendly tool you can use to create an Ebook

9. Ghostwriting a book

Ghostwriting fiction or non-fiction book to a client if your passion is writing but you dont like the idea of writing for yourself (yet)

It requires a certain set of skills to find the right client.

If you are interested and keen to make money out of writing, head on to this post.

Arts Passion Project Idea: The creative

You have some sort of talent in the creative department and want to explore more. Here are some passion project ideas for the creative.

If you already have some of your creative products made, why don’t you up the game and sell them on Etsy? Use my link to get a FREE 40 listing!

10. Calligraphy

Do you know that nice cursive writing? Yeah that calligraphy

There are quite in-demand skills.

Check out this beginner-friendly calligraphy book!

11. Illustration via procreate

If you have an iPad and don’t know what to do with it aside from watching Netflix, download procreate apps and draw your heart away

There are so many youtube videos teaching the type of brush and drawing technique using Procreate

Who knows you can sell your illustration later.

If you want to learn from a professional, why don’t you join the Procreate School? It’s an online course on Procreate that will teach you everything you need to know about Procreate

12. Create a sticker

Similar like illustration, you can create stickers using Procreate

You can illustrate the image, make it in sticker format and print it.

Learn how to make and sell stickers and what apps you can use here!. If you want to learn how to create physical stickers from a professional, join this sticker class by Creative Fabrica. Who knows you might be making some extra bucks from your passion project!

13. Designing template in Canva

 You know Canva, the free online platform you can use to design almost anything

From the Instagram, blog banner, poster.. Well everything

And did you know you can create canva template and sell it?

Sell your pretty Canva template on Etsy today! If you are unsure how to do it, head on to this post!

14. Start a youtube channel

Or maybe a faceless youtube

If you know Ali Abdaal, he’s the master of Youtube Creator

And it all starts with recording random videos. If you love watching vlogs and editing videos, why not up the notch and create your own youtube channel

If you still dont have the confidence to show your face, start with the faceless youtube channel first

Just start and improve over time

You cant manoeuvre the unmove ship

15. Build and sell your own course

If you have some set of skills or knowledge that people want to learn, you can create a course on it.

It can be as simple as The beginner’s guide to vegetable gardening 

Or maybe a little complex like Python for Data Science

Packet it into a course and sell it

16. Sell digital products

Simpler than selling a course

It can be a planner, journal etc

Digital products are quite competitive but if this is your passion and have the right skills for it, why not right?

Not sure what digital product you want to venture? Worry not, I have curated 39 ideas for you!

17. Create and sell your design for printing

Sell your design and let them do the printing

It’s easy because you dont have to keep the material, you just create the design 

18. Start a podcast

Love discussion and want it to be meaningful to other people?

The podcast is the way to go

19. Sell your photos

If you love taking pictures, you can turn it into a profitable passion project and sell it to stock photography

Maybe you share the free sample of your photos and see how it turned out

Photography presets: Create and sell lightroom presets

20. Create and Sell music

Making music is one of the passions many people have. Rather than wasting it, you can share your music creation on youtube and maybe sell the music sample

If the demand for youtube is high, so does the background music

21. Pinterest Manager

If you are familiar with and know how to work well with Pinterest, you can move on to the next step, become a Pinterest manager

Bloggers usually will outsource and find the manager for their Pinterest account and that might be your calling

22. Video editing

This will be great if you have a handful of unused videos. The passion project of video editing can be used for your  youtube channel

23. Thrift clothes and resell

Got a local thrift shop nearby? Go pay ‘em a visit.

If you want to make money out of it, set up an eCommerce platform such as Shopify

24. Thrift furniture to resell

Same as thrifting clothes, but thrift furniture instead.You can resell the products at the local booth to test your market

Other creative passion project ideas

Head on to Creative Fabrica to get access to thousands of graphics and art you can use ( free and paid!)

  • 25. Create an Instagram theme page
  • 26. Sell items on Etsy
  • 27. Fill up a sketchbook
  • 28. Create a sketchbook

Tech Passion project ideas

If you have some skill in computer, software, Javascript and Python, these passion project ideas could be for you

29. Create an app 

30. Designing a website

Website design is one of those high-income skills you need to learn if you have the passion (and patience) for it

Flippa: Buy and flip websites if aside from web designing, you are familiar with SEO, logo designing etc

31. Selling Notion template

32. Learn Java Scripts and Python

Passion project home decor ideas

The next passion project idea focuses on your home. Some people called it the home passion project. You can walk around your home and see if it needs some spark of your passion

33. DIY the furniture

34. Creating your own wallpaper

35. Makeover of second-hand furniture

36. Room Makeover

37. Mix and match IKEA 

38. Install a vinyl flooring

Good Passion project ideas to create a healthier version of you

  1. Train for long-distance bike
  2. Train for hiking
  3. Train for marathon
  4. Learn martial arts
  5. Learn healthy recipes food from all over the world
  6. Lead a workout class

Good passion project ideas for your personal growth & interest

  1. Volunteer

Animal Shelter, Orphanage, or volunteering in the local community can be meaningful passion project ideas

The act of serving could help you discover more about yourself

  1. Grow your own food
  1. Gardening. For student, you can start a school garden
  2. Start a book club
  1. Learn recipe
  2. Learn new language
  3. Learn an instrument
  4. Learn woodworking
  5. Learn to invest and invest in a dividend stock
  6. Learn knitting 
  7. Learn how to crochet
  8. Learn how to code
  9. Learn graphic design
  10. Drop shipping business

Ideas for passion project if you are in need of money

If your passion is to teach, you can start teaching online!

60. Tutoring

61. Teaching English online ​

If you love talking to people, here are some passion project ideas you can try

62. Affiliate marketer: Software firms or Networks

63. Become an influencer

64. Become a virtual assistance

65. Social media manager or assistance

66. Start a social media campaign for a brand

67. Pet sitting

68. Taking part in research or clinical trials

69. User testing: Give opinions and share perspectives about the product


Remember, a passion project should align with your own interests and values. Choose something that excites you and makes a positive impact in an area that you are passionate about.

1. Community garden initiative

Start a project to create a community garden in your neighbourhood. You can collaborate with local residents, schools, and organizations to promote sustainable gardening practices and provide fresh produce to the community.

2. Podcast production

If you have a particular interest or expertise, consider starting a podcast where you can share knowledge, interview experts, and engage with a community of listeners who share your passion.

3. Environmental cleanup campaign

Organize a campaign to clean up a local park, beach, or natural area. Raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire others to take action by organizing regular cleanup events and educational workshops.

4. Mentoring program for youth

Create a mentoring program that pairs experienced individuals with youth who can benefit from guidance and support. Help them develop skills, explore their interests, and navigate challenges they may face.

5. Art therapy workshops

Combine art and therapy by organizing workshops for individuals facing emotional or psychological challenges. Use different art forms as a means of self-expression and healing.

6. DIY sustainable products

Start a project where you create and promote do-it-yourself (DIY) sustainable products, such as homemade natural soaps, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, or reusable household items. Share your creations and knowledge through workshops or online tutorials.

7. Coding classes for underprivileged communities

Teach coding and computer literacy skills to children and adults in underprivileged communities. Empower them with valuable skills for the digital age and help bridge the digital divide.

8. Book club for marginalized voices

Create a book club that focuses on literature written by authors from marginalized communities. Provide a platform for discussions that promote diversity, inclusivity, and empathy.

9. Music therapy for seniors

Develop a music therapy program for seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Use music to stimulate memory, boost mood, and enhance overall well-being.

10. Sustainable fashion showcase

Organize a fashion show or exhibition that highlights sustainable and ethical fashion brands. Raise awareness about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry while showcasing stylish and sustainable alternatives.

Passion projects ideas

There you go! 69 Passion project ideas you can try based on your interest and needs

It’s actually interrelated in a way

You probably start by trying some passion project ideas to upskill yourself

Like learning how to grow vegetables organically 

The next thing you will probably join the farmer’s market selling your local produce

When people ask you how to grow their vegetables the way you did you can create an ebook or even courses on how you did it

And the next thing you know, you joining youtube teaching people in mass how to grow veggies your way!

Interesting huh?

I prefer to view these as passion projects rather than a side hustle

Because you see, the money should be the by-product of us working passionately on the project

Not the goals

If the money is the goal, it’s easier to leave it halfway when things get tough or you don’t get the profit you expect it to.

Enjoy the learning process

Curiosity + work (progress)= Passion

I don’t know what you think of this, but being passionate about your side project will eventually produce the income that you wanted

So in a way, passion projects done right will become the ultimate side hustle that will eventually replace your 9-5


Q: What is a passion project?

A: A passion project is a personal interest pursued out of love, curiosity, and a desire to make a positive impact. It is a project that aligns with your values and passions, allowing you to explore, create, and contribute in a meaningful way.

Q: Why should I start a passion project as an adult?

A: Starting a passion project can bring a sense of fulfilment, purpose, and joy to your life. It allows you to delve into your interests, develop new skills, and make a positive impact in an area that matters to you. Passion projects can also provide an avenue for self-expression, personal growth, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Q: How do I choose a passion project?

A: To choose a passion project, start by reflecting on your interests, values, and the causes or activities that excite you. Consider what brings you joy, what issues you care deeply about, and what skills or talents you possess. Look for projects that align with these factors and have the potential to make a positive impact.

Q: Do I need specific skills or expertise to start a passion project?

A: Not necessarily. While some projects may require specific skills or expertise, many passion projects can be pursued by individuals of various backgrounds and skill levels. The key is to choose a project that aligns with your interests and passions, and then be willing to learn and grow as you go.

Q: Can I collaborate with others on a passion project?

A: Absolutely! Collaboration can enhance the impact and enjoyment of a passion project. You can seek like-minded individuals, friends, or organizations that share your passion and want to work together toward a common goal. Collaborating allows for shared ideas, resources, and support, making the project more fulfilling and effective.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to a passion project?

A: The time commitment for a passion project can vary greatly depending on the scope and nature of the project, as well as your personal availability. Some projects may require only a few hours a week, while others might need more intensive time and effort. It’s important to set realistic expectations and allocate time that you can comfortably commit to without overwhelming other responsibilities.

Q: How can I sustain motivation and momentum for my passion project?

A: Sustaining motivation and momentum for your passion project can be achieved by setting clear goals, celebrating small victories along the way, and reminding yourself of the positive impact you are making. Surround yourself with a supportive network, seek inspiration from others in similar projects, and periodically reassess and adjust your project to keep it fresh and aligned with your evolving interests.

Q: Can I monetize my passion project?

A: While some passion projects have the potential to generate income, it’s important to remember that the primary focus of a passion project is the fulfilment and impact it brings, rather than financial gain. However, if your project has the potential for monetization, you can explore avenues such as sponsorships, partnerships, or selling related products or services to support its sustainability.

Q: What if I don’t have a specific passion or interest?

A: If you’re unsure of your passions or interests, take time for self-reflection and exploration. Try new activities, volunteer in different fields, or engage in conversations with others who are pursuing their passions. Reflect on what brings you joy, what issues you care about, and what activities make you lose track of time. Over time, you may discover a passion that you can channel into a meaningful project.

Q: Can a passion project change over time?

A: Absolutely! Passion projects are flexible and can evolve as you grow and change. As you gain experience and new insights, you may find that your interests and goals shift. Don’t be afraid to adapt your passion

Q: Do I need to be a student to start a passion project?

A: Not at all! Passion projects are not limited to students. Anyone, regardless of age or background, can start a passion project. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or someone seeking more fulfillment in life, a passion project can be the start of something new and exciting.

Q: How do I find the motivation to start a passion project if I feel stuck or uninspired?

A: It’s common to feel stuck or uninspired at times but don’t let that discourage you. Start by reflecting on what used to bring you joy or what you’ve always wanted to try. Engage in activities that spark your curiosity, surround yourself with inspiring people, or seek out new experiences. Sometimes, taking small steps and trying new things can reignite your passion and lead you to discover a project that truly excites you.

Q: What if I’m afraid to start a passion project due to fear of failure or judgment?

A: Fear of failure or judgment is a common concern when starting something new. Remember that a passion project is primarily for your personal fulfillment and growth. Embrace the learning process and see any setbacks or challenges as opportunities for growth. Seek support from like-minded individuals or communities who can provide encouragement and guidance. Overcoming these fears can lead to incredible personal growth and the fulfillment of your passion project’s potential.

Q: Can a passion project lead to new career opportunities or transitions?

A: Yes, a passion project can indeed open doors to new career opportunities or transitions. By immersing yourself in a project that aligns with your interests and passions, you may gain valuable skills, expand your network, and showcase your abilities