Why Do Many People Quit Bullet Journaling? (+ solutions)

Getting fed up and thinking to quit bullet journaling? Don’t quit just yet! I have solutions for you


Over the years, lots of people quit bullet journalling

Even the minimalist bujo sometimes lost its meaning 

In this post, I’m going to share the main reason for people quit bullet journaling and what is the solutions for that

Spend too much time decorating the bujo

Dont get intimidated by the artsy bujo

That’s the main thing I advise myself when I begin my bullet journaling journey

When I get confused, I went back to the Ryder Caroll method, the creator of bullet journal

Bullet journal setup if done right only require like 10 minutes top

But the issue was, that the most glamorized bullet journal setup is the pretty one and it did consume a bit of time if you want to make it pretty

Content first, the rest of it on weekend

Focus on content

Why did you start the bullet journal in the first place?

To get organized with works

To create one place for everything

Whatever the reason is, most probably it is related to the content, not the aesthetic part of the bujo

Especially if you are just about to begin the journaling journey, something new to you. Just focus on the key component of bullet journaling

Once you get the hang of it, then you can experiment with your bullet journal setup

But, I want my bujo looking pretty

If you can’t stand the bare-looking bujo, and still want to decorate it but dont want to spend much time on it, well.. You might need some accessories

Bullet journal accessories 

Calendar washi tapes

One of the time-consuming parts of bujo is the creation of the mini calendar.  

It’s tedious, I know

To save up your time?

Use washi tape and just stick it to the journal

No headache, no error, no problem

Bullet journal calendar stamps

Works similarly to the washi tape, but this one is  using the stamp

The end result has the sleek, minimalist aesthetic

If you want more personalized-looking stamps, the next one is for you.

Alphabet stamps

This multipurpose alphabet stamp can be used for anything; bullet journal, diary, postcard, scrapbook.. Well everything

Deviates far away from the original Ryder Caroll super simple method

The original bullet journal method is to simplify and organize

When it starts to become a hassle just know that it deviates way too far from what it should be

Stick to the original method until you get the hang of it.

Get as basic as possible.

You just need:

And that’s it.

Modify according to your personal preferences

But just stick to the core part of bujo because that’s what matters and it won’t take much up your time

Sometimes simplicity is the key 

Obsessed with the trackers and calendar

You. dont. Have. to. Track. Everything. 

Let that sink in

Yes, sometimes we are getting excited with the new notebook to journal, with the new you who journal..and things are getting out of hand

The tracker should be assisting your growth

And not the one that prevents it

Track things that matter


Combine the habit tracker with the daily log

Follow Ryder Caroll and just use the daily log along with the habit tracker on the right side

It will help you to save pages and track your habit at the same time

And focus only on tracking habit that matters

Go Hybrid 

Combine the google calendar  with the bullet journal

Sometimes you have too many events and meetings and it will take much time to write them down in the bujo.

And it saves you so much time by syncing the event with the google calendar. 

So just use a combination of both.

Track the office/work-related event in gcal, and just use the bujo for personal events.

There’s too much work I can’t check two things at once

You can use gcal for events and bujo for the daily entry. Because you can write the entry in more detail 

Sticker as saviour

Just use a sticker, my friend

There are a lot of designs to choose and you dont have to break your head to create the habit page in the bujo

Its a win for me

Being too perfectionist about it

This is not a digital world, where you can simply edit, and delete whatever flaws you did

And its easier to see the mistake that we did

There are 2 solutions for this 

Use white correcter

And number 2, which I highly suggest is to just.. Embrace the flaws

It will not be as pretty

But the rawness of the bujo is what defines us as a person

Keep it simple and imperfect

As the creator, Ryder Caroll mentioned beautifully

You have to make the mistake and make a choice that it doesn’t matter and do it again and again

And what is cool about it is that it leaves a visual trail of your thinking

Ryder Caroll

And it helps make bullet journals really honest

Treat it as an extensive to-do list

“The heart of bullet journaling is not only on what we are working on but why we are working on it

It really starts with writing down what was happening in your head

Then divide those into things you have to do, dont want to forget, experience

Task, event, notes..”

Ryder Caroll

And, hear this out..it is not planning the things ahead

You write it, in REAL time, like right now

To put it simply, the daily log is the thing you log as it’s happening. 

Not something you plan for the future

And it’s definitely not for your extensive to-do list


Listen to Ryder Caroll’s explanation of what  bullet journaling actually is and focus on 3 things at a time

Overwhelming setups

When you go through Pinterest and come across the pretty artsy bujo you can’t help but compare yours to them

And when you try to copy it, it can get overwhelming

Like, really overwhelming

Bullet journals are supposed to be basic

So keep it basic

If you want to make it fancy, maybe can just do it over the weekend. 

And assure yourself that the setup is supposed to be simple.

 And not to overcomplicate it

You got no one to be impressed

If you are okay doing the extra things for your bullet journal, then do

If not, just stick to basic

My last advice,

Dont stop until you try the original Ryder Caroll’s methods

There you go, the main reasons why people quit bullet journals.

Try to shift your ways of journaling and you might find yourself actually enjoying it.

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