If you are keen to begin your business with a minimal budget, selling digital products on Etsy might be the solution for you.

But if you are still unsure about what digital product to create, worry not, because I have curated the list of best digital products to sell on Etsy to kick start your passive income journey

Let’s jump right in

sell digital product on etsy

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How I verified the best digital product to sell on Etsy?

  1. Head on to Etsy and using its search bar, enter the word “best digital” or “best printables”
  2. See what is the popular phrase that Etsy suggest; it roughly indicates what other people searching for recently-this is the great place to start
  3. You can sort the listing based on the customer review and relevance
  4. If you have Everbee, you can use this to check in detail the analytics of the listing you looking for. It is not necessary to have Everbee, but it will help you jump-start better in terms of SEO

Use Everbee or KWFinder to find out the best digital product you can sell on Etsy!

39 Most Popular Digital Products On Etsy

1. Digital Planners

It’s the same as the traditional planner but in digital form. So you can use this either on your laptop or iPad. Because of its convenience and ease to bring, digital planner demand is on the rise.

Despite its seasonality, which is more during the early of the year, the digital planner is one of the best digital products sold on Etsy

Digital Planner

Tips for the digital planner to sell on etsy

  1. Create a thematic planner like minimalist, boho or other aesthetic types of planner to make yours stand out from the rest.
  2. Create a planner bundle with lots of planner pages and habit trackers. This will attract your customer more as you provide more value in a single listing

Want to find out how to sell digital planner on Etsy? Head on to this post!

2. Printable wall art

More people are keen to print the art rather than buy the physical one. Top earning listings are mainly sold in bundles or sets like the abstract, quotes or positive quotes to name a few.

I have explained in details on how to create digital art in this post.

Printable wall art

Tips on printable wall art

  1. Prepare the file in various formats like JPEG or PDF to widen the option for the customer 

3. SVG File

SVG stands for scalable vector graphic file which is the vector-based graphic for the web. It can be used for any cutting machine like Cricut or silhouette

SVG file used by crafters to use on shirts, cups and others. 

SVG File

4. Instagram story highlight icons

Premade story highlight icons which can create an aesthetic-looking Instagram. Find the theme and create a bundle of different colours and icons to attract the customer.

Instagram highlight covers

5. Etsy Shop Bundle

As an Etsy shop owner, you probably know that an attractive Etsy account is one of the factors that can increase Etsy conversion. Use this as an advantage and sell a bundle of Etsy shop banners, shop icons, listing templates and others

Etsy Shop Bundle

Already find what you want to venture for your digital product business on Etsy? Check out how to start you digital product business on Etsy here!

6. Social media creator bundle/ Social Media Templates

Templates that are ready to use and editable in Canva. You create both Instagram story and post based on the template provided in Canva

Instagram Template

7. Printable invitations

This is printable for the bridal shower, birthday or anything and allows the customer to print how many they want!

Printable invitations

8. Thank You Cards

This can be for the business owner who sells a physical item and needs a thank you card for their customer. Or even a thank you card for anything!

Thank You Cards

9. Printable Calendar

You can create the monthly calendar which is editable by the customer before they print

You can create in various formats and themes to increase the chances of people purchasing your item

Printable Calendar

10. Self-Improvement Printables

This can be a self-help workbook, self-care planner or even some self-discovery question. Some people love to incorporate this in their planner


11. Cosmetic Labels

This is essential for business owners who have a great product but dont have graphic design skills. Create a cosmetic label that cab be editable so the buyer can still edit the content of the label

Cosmetic Labels

12. Logo

Similar to a cosmetic label, the logo is essential for business owners. But it doesn’t really for the business owner only as bloggers or other content creators also need a logo


13. Wedding Printable

Perfect for any DIY brides out there, the wedding printable is one of the most searched items on Etsy. You can create the wedding invitation printables, wedding seating chart, and wedding table number using the same theme and event and create a bundle with a special price. 

Wedding Printables

14. Cafe/Restaurant Printable

You can also create the menu for a cafe or restaurant that can be edited before printing

Cafe printables

15. Workbooks or Learning materials for kids

Create workbooks that can be printed by parents to help their kids learn. This is also suited for those who home school their kids

Workbook for Kids

16. Resume Templates

This is one of the highest searches on Etsy. Some people have the quality and qualifications but might need help with the resume. If you know how to create the right-looking resume that is able to highlight the applicant’s strengths, do create one!

Resume Template

17. Ebooks template

Ebook template is another digital product that you can sell on Etsy. You can create an editable ebook for the content creators to use as their lead magnet.

Ebook Template

18. Ebook and guide

If you have any knowledge of basically anything, you can create an ebook for this. If it’s not much, you can package it as a guide.

This is one of the best-selling ebook teaching people how to be cleaner in 30 days. Interesting eh?


Psst, did you know you can use Canva to sell your digital product? Its beginner friendly and you can start creating your products in no time!

19. Event Printable

Baby shower, bridal shower, you name it. This all requires printable. Create the event printable based on the theme and maybe bundle it with an attractive price


20. Clip art/ graphic elements

You can offer graphic elements like brush strokes, watercolour palettes or animal icons that people can use in creating their own digital products.

Clip Art

21. Business Card

Believe it or not, people still use business cards for all the good reasons. To cater for this need, create a business card with a specific theme but still make it editable

Business Card

22. Trackers and to-do list

Similar to planners, people like to use digital trackers and to-do lists. You can create one and bundle it along with the planner. Or you can sell it separately. 

Habit Tracker

23. Colouring Books (Adults Or Kids)

The Colouring book is one of the hot items on Etsy. You can use Adobe illustrator or any other app to create the image and pack it into colouring books

Colouring Book

24. Digital stickers

You can create digital stickers that people can use in their digital planner or that people can print on the sticker paper themselves.

Stickers are one of the best-selling items on Etsy

Digital stickers

Learn more on selling digital sticker and find out the programs or apps that can be used to create digital stickers in my other articles!

25. Recipe Cards 

This is another idea for digital products. Recipe cards allow the customer to edit and print accordingly

Recipe Cards

26. Meal Planner/ Meal tracker

The meal planner and tracker will help people with food disorders or trying to eat more healthy plan their meal

27. Phone Wallpapers

Similar to digital arts, this one is designed for the phone. You can use the same image for the desktop wallpapers as well

28. Ios Icon Pack

For iPhone users, the ios icon pack is another thing you can consider creating. This digital product aims to cater for people who looking for an aesthetic-looking phone

ios Icon

29. Custom portrait

This can be the best-personalized gift. Use your graphic design skills to create the custom portrait

30. Digital fonts

This requires some research and knowledge but digital fonts is in demand as the need to create digital product is on the rise

Digital Fonts

31. Pinterest template

Create the best-looking prints for content creators who dont have time and creativity (like me). Make it editable and they can pin it right away

32. Excel Templates

The excel template can be in a form of a budget tracker, job application tracker or even bookkeeping for small businesses!

I might say even though this seems easy, the demand is quite high!

Excel Template

Ready to make passive income on Etsy? Me too!

33. Zoom Background

As we are in the era of online meetings zoom is one of the platforms that is widely used. So it’s only logical to create the zoom background

34. Digital Paper

As the name suggests, digital paper is paper with different designs or textures that can be used on other platforms like procreate

Digital Paper

35. Lightroom Photo Presets

Lightroom is an app for photo editing and you can sell the lightroom photo presets. If you have the skills for this, dont waste your talent!

Lightroom Presets

36. Website Templates

Another item for the content creators. Creating an eye-catching website template could be really the in-thing to do right now because everyone needs a website! For their business, for bloggers your pool of customer are endless!

38. Sewing Patterns

Not only sewing patterns but Crochet, Knitting, and Embroidery, as well!

Sewing Pattern

39. Invoice template

Another idea is to create an invoice template for the small business owner out there


40. Printable classroom poster

This is for the teacher that loves to decorate the classroom so that can be inviting for the student. You can create an inspirational classroom poster that is filled with colour and positivity

Classroom poster

Final Tips for selling digital products on Etsy

  1. Offering the right type of file for your listing. It can be pdf, SVG, Png, jpeg or anything. And prepare your item in a few different formats so that it can be compatible with various user intentions.
  2. Make sure you try the product first and see whether it works fine. Try downloading using other devices and check how it turns out to be
  3. Include pdf file or short video with instructions to assist the customer on how to use the digital product. This will ease the process and they will give you good reviews on your product
  4. Bundle it up!

Boost your Etsy sales by following these tips!

‍FAQ on selling digital products on Etsy

What digital product I should sell on etsy?

To create a good business on Etsy, you need to find something that people actually want to use and match it with your skills.

Identify your strength and what makes you stand out from the rest and start to dig deep into that

Using the keyword research tool to identify the potential item that can generate a lot of sales will really help.

if you are still unsure, keep on experimenting. You can create different digital products and see whichever drives more traction.

Use Everbee or KWFinder to find out the best digital product you can sell on Etsy!

Are selling digital products on Etsy profitable?

Well yes, absolutely. You only have to create the product one time and continue to enjoy the profit as long as people buy your product.

(Psst, some even make 18,000$ selling digital products on etsy!)

The key here is to create an evergreen digital product that people can enjoy for long time

If you just starting, keep the cost minimal, since Etsy impose fee for each listing. But, if you just starting, I have good news for you: 40 FREE ETSY LISTING. Yes, free, if you click on the link ( I also will get the 40 listing in return, so thank you!)

39 best digital products to sell on Etsy

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