Scrolling Etsy and wondering how you can create digital stickers that are personalized to you but not sure where to start? Worry not you come to the right place.

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Digital stickers found their place in the virtual world due to their aesthetics and functionality.

Similar to digital planners and bullet journals, the demand for digital stickers remains high.

This comes to one conclusion:

We Need to Create More Digital Stickers

Whether to create it for your personal use or to kickstart your digital sticker business, you need to use a program or app to create your digital stickers.

In this article, I have curated the 7 best programs to create digital stickers you can try today

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Decide on the sticker type and theme

To prevent you from getting overwhelmed with options, the first step is to decide the theme and purpose of your digital stickers

What are your stickers for? 

Is it for the decorative purpose of your journal or a bullet journal?

Or to create a sticker bundle to sell?

Whatever the purpose of creating your digital stickers, deciding on the theme will make the process easier

You can check Etsy, or Pinterest to get some idea about the theme of your stickers.

If you are just a beginner, keep the idea simple

Now you have some idea in mind, its time to create the stickers

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If you are already ready with your digital sticker and want to know more about how to sell stickers on Etsy, head on to this post.

Best program or Apps to create digital stickers


Canva is one of the best online platforms to create anything which includes digital stickers. This platform is beginner friendly  and you can just drag and drop the design you wanted

You can use it for free, although the free version has certain limitations in terms of the design.

Canva also introduced sticker printing services where you can design your stickers and have them printed and sent to your doorstep, hassle-free!

What you need to do is just browse the selection of stickers design and create your masterpiece.

You can upload your images and add other elements to make them more attractive.

If you are not sure about the sizes of the sticker you want to create, use the template provided and work your way up

So if you are in any business and need to produce lots of stickers for your product, go check out the Canva printing services.

If you just creating sticker designs for fun, go for the basic and free versions. 

Did I tell you that you can sell your sticker design to Canva? Cool huh? 

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Price: Free for basic design

Paid version

Canva pro: $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year

If you want to invest in the Pro Account, do not hesitate. Why? This is where you can get the watermark-free versions of the elements. You will get an endless supply of unique elements and create the best digital stickers.


I bet everyone who owns a laptop has this basic program. Usually, we use PowerPoint to prepare slides for our presentation right?

But what if I told you the same program can be used for creating digital stickers?

Although the design or the element will be quite basic, it still doesn’t stop you from creating the best sticker design, one click at a time

Since it’s mainly used by everyone, you don’t have to learn how to use it. Just click the icon you want and add the text. 

Just make sure you save it as the picture in PNG format so if you decide to print it, it will have a transparent-looking background.

Difficulty level: easy

Price: Free if you already have Microsoft software installed on your laptop


Procreate is an app you can download for your iPad and once you have Procreate, the possibility is endless.

I love Procreate so much as I doodle a lot but this is one of the best apps to create different types of stickers.

And if you browse on Etsy, most of the aesthetic-looking stickers are created by the Procreate apps

Draw your artwork in Procreate and turned it into stickers.

Using procreate you have to keep experimenting to get the best design for your stickers

If you are unsure how to use the brushes, the techniques required and other sorts of beginner questions, you can join the discussion forum.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Price: $10 (one-time purchase)

Item needed: Ipad and apple pencil

Need help from an expert? join the Procreate School. This is an online course where you can be from zero to hero in digital artwork creation which includes digital stickers

Tayasui sketches

If you want to find alternative procreates that work for  android macOS & IOC, you can try Tayasui sketches

Before owning an Ipad, I used to play around and doodle using Tayasui sketches using my Wacom tablet.

It works quite the same as procreate with amazing brushes, just with a different interface.

You can try and see which one you like better for creating your digital stickers

Other alternatives for procreate

  • #1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • #2. ArtRage 5
  • #3. Autodesk SketchBook- iPhone & iPad
  • #5. Concepts


Inkscape is a program to create and edit vector graphics, which includes creating digital stickers.

It’s beginner friendly but needs some time to familiarize yourself with the program

But do not worry, there are thousands of tutorial videos provided on how to use this program

Features of inscape include: Object creation, object manipulation, fill and stroke to name a few

Difficulty level: Moderate- Hard

Price: Free

Item needed: Laptop /PC


This site is Canva alternative. It means that it works similarly in designing, adding the elements and uploading your artwork.

Similar limitations like Canva, you have to pay for some of the design. But honestly, I feel like you can create a lot using the free version. 

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Price: Free for basic design

Paid version

Creative Fabrica

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This site has thousands of designs and fonts you can further use for your sticker design. However, you need to pay for those.

Why bother to pay when there are all free resources?

Good question!

When you decided you want to sell your stickers, you especially want the stickers to stand out and look better and different compared to the others.

And this is where Creative Fabrica come into the picture

In Creative Fabrica, all the images and fonts have a commercial user license so you will have no issues when you sell your sticker design

So keep this in mind when you want to sell your sticker design. 

Join other graphic experts in Creative Fabrica. And did you know you can sell your artwork here as well? That way you can diversify your option on where to sell your digital stickers

Font Banner - Free Fonts

There you go 7 programs you can use to create your digital stickers. Once you are familiar with sticker production, the possibility is endless!

Explore these programs and create the stickers you always dream of. Who knows you might end up making tonnes of money out of it!

FAQ on the digital sticker 

What are digital stickers?

Digital stickers are the image that is usually used to decorate digital planner, journal or bullet journal.

They are usually 2 formats of digital stickers

PNG sticker format

The PNG format is the most widely used as they have a transparent background. That way, you can stick the stickers anywhere you want in your digital file

JPEG sticker format

JPEG stickers will have white colour in the background

Why create digital stickers?

Because you can use them for your digital planner and re-use them 

If you want, you cant print it as a gift for your friends

Even better, you can sell your stickers and make a side hustle out of it

But, the competition is wild on Etsy, so be sure to find the right keyword to know what digital stickers to create. I recommend using Everbee or KWFinder to find the right keywords. It is a small investment for your business and if done right, you will get it back in no time!

Where I can buy and sell the digital stickers?

If you are not confident to create your own stickers yet and want to purchase to get the idea first, here are some options.

The same site can be the platform for you to sell your own stickers

  1. Etsy
  2. eBay
  3. Alibaba (especially if you buy in bundle)
  5. Creative. vista
  8. Zazzle

If you want to look at other digital products option other than digital stickers, head on to this post.

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